Welcome to Douglas Heritage Museum

‘You should come to Douglas Heritage Museum because all the history is mind boglingly gruesome and gory. You can visit St. Bride’s Church where there are many bodies, including The Black Douglas, his heart is also there in a separate casket.’ (Jack & Sam)

How the project came about?

‘We are the pupils of Primary 5/6 at Douglas Primary School.’ (Cherylann, Eilidh, Craig and Hollie)

‘We were chosen because it is important to get more of the children’s views as it would make more children come to the museum.’ (Rhys & Rebecca)

‘We have learned more about the fantastic history of Douglas, and the Black Douglas, we also learnt how to use a video camera and make a website.’ (Jordan & Rhegan)

The Cultural Co-ordinators from South Lanarkshire Council worked in partnership with Douglas Heritage Venture to secure funding from Museums Galleries Scotland in order for Douglas primary school to create this website alongside Media Education.


Who works there?

Everyone who works at the museum does so on a voluntary basis.

Jimmy Clarkson, Hugh Bannatyne, Dr A. Addison, Bert Jackson, Alistair Smith, David Skidmore, Dr Iain Kane, Billy Rough, Chrissie Gibbs, Nan Gold, Colin Mc Allister, Gillian Mitchell, Agnes Taylor, Mary Mitchell, Ann Taylor, Joan Addison, Jenny Reid, Tricia Sloan, Margaret Tweedie, John McLeod.

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